Enwaste launches new brand and identity

July 16, 2018

Warwick, QLD. (July 16, 2018) – Waste Care Environmental Solutions, a provider of comprehensive liquid waste management services for more than 40 years, announced today the launch of a new corporate brand identity, name and tagline. The organization will now be known as Enwaste, formerly known as Waste Care, Adelt’s Liquid Waste and SRS Liquid Waste Services. Among the other changes will be its logo, tagline and domain name – enwaste.com.au.

Getting the message across about the organisation’s commitment to a cleaner environment by providing the best liquid waste management services, and repurposing waste materials is the reason behind the rebranding.

“Introducing a new-look image, along with our improved fleet and services, will help us deliver an even greater service for all our valued customers and create more visual awareness of what we do” says Darryl Wiggins, Director at Enwaste. “We have upheld the core values but brought the design and style up to date for 2018 and into the future, using an image which reflects our professional and modern business.”


Enwaste have been operating from Warwick since 1972 and the business has gone from strength to strength over the years. The breath and depth of its operation in Southeast Queensland shows just how far the brand have come and how much the branding has evolved with household names like Waste Care, Adelt’s Liquid Waste and SRS Liquid Waste Services.

“Our brand has undergone several changes and we have spent the best part of the last 3 months perfecting our new image” says Desmond Omovie, Marketing Manager at Enwaste. “We have not thrown everything away, but simply refined what has made our waste management services unique.”

By making green the central colour of the brand and adding a recycling icon to the logo, Enwaste is projecting its commitment to recycling and keeping the environment clean for future generations. The secondary colour, grey represent waste in its raw form, and with green, the company aims to support residents, businesses and councils to achieve a cleaner environment, hence the tag line “think green”.

“To add to our new logo design, we used hexagon to represent the multi-faceted services we offer to our customers”, Desmond continues. “Our six main services – Septic Waste removal, Grease Trap cleaning, Bulk Waste removal, Hydro Excavation, Recycling Centre, Bin Hire and Asbestos waste Disposal – are all available as part of our comprehensive operations to customers throughout Southeast Queensland.”

THE NEW BRAND PROMISE Enwaste is committed to protecting the environment. The company plays its part in looking after the environment by offering the best management of liquid waste with effective removal and disposal methods, as well as recycling.

“We hope that our customers will be on the lookout for our new and improved branding”, says Paul Cuskelly, Business Development Manager at Enwaste. “We look forward to working with residents and businesses in Southeast Queensland to help improve their waste management – with uniformity and professionalism at the centre of everything we do”.


Enwaste is focused on keeping neighbourhoods and businesses clean and green by providing environmentally friendly liquid waste management solutions and recycling options. With over 40 years’ experience in the liquid waste management sector, we have the equipment and the knowledge to assist you with your liquid waste needs. We have the capacity to provide liquid waste services throughout Southeast QLD for both domestic & commercial projects. We work closely with customers to provide prompt, reliable & professional services and support. Enwaste is fully licensed & EHP Approved.

Desmond Omovie, 0459 194 487
Marketing Manager


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