Meet The Team

Meet some of the friendly and capable professionals you’ll work with at Enwaste. They’re committed to providing the best liquid waste management services in south east Queensland.

Meet The Team​

Helena Tate

Customer Sales & Support

Helena is one of our fantastic customer support team members, who has always worked in admin and sales. She prides herself on being easy to deal with and adaptable to change. A social butterfly, Helena enjoys meeting potential clients, playing sport and socialising. 

Dimity Wright

Accounts / Admin Clerk
Dimity is a valued accounts and admin clerk at Enwaste who is passionate about delivering friendly customer service and learning new skills. Prior to her career at Enwaste, Dimity was a surf lifesaver and she still often heads to the beach in her spare time. 

Mark O’Dea

Truck Driver

Mark has been with Enwaste for a year as a truck driver, but previously worked as a meat inspector. He has great people skills and is proud of his respectful attitude. During work, he loves driving through the countryside, and after work, he’s always fishing. 

Brendan McLady

Truck Driver

Brendan recently became one of Enwaste’s truck drivers after shifting gears from his job as an earthmover. While he’s new to the industry, he’s enthusiastic to learn and develop his skills. Outside of work, Brendan’s favourite pastime is fishing. 

Lou Ots

Truck Driver

Lou has been a truck driver for Enwaste for over two years, having previously owned a shed company. He considers his trustworthiness to be his best asset, and enjoys meeting new people on the job. On the weekends, you’ll find Lou playing golf to unwind. 

Jeremy Deans

Truck Driver

Jeremy worked in fencing and cattle before coming on board with Enwaste as a dedicated truck driver. He loves working within a team and seeing new places, and after he’s parked the truck for the day, he loves getting back to farm work.

Steve Ahern

Truck Driver

Steve is one of Enwaste’s longest serving truck drivers, with over five-and-a-half years of experience in the waste industry. He enjoys tackling different jobs every day and isn’t afraid of a challenge. When he isn’t working, Steve likes to spend time relaxing at home.

Evan Fuhrman-Luck

Truck Driver

Evan is a true all-rounder who has been with Enwaste for over three years. Before he was in waste management, Evan worked in livestock transport. Being part of a great team gets him up in the morning, and in his personal life, he enjoys rugby league. 

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